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Here's how to properly do NON-DOMESTIC mail. You see the word DOMESTIC is defined in law dictionary as "within a jurisdiction", and jurisdiction of United States is LIMITED to District of Columbia and territories. And since states of the Union are obviously OUTSIDE of US jurisdiction, then sending mail to them should be under the INTERNATIONAL MAIL MANUAL. And that defines addresses as having AT LEAST 4 LINES, with the name of country ALONE on the last line.

The DMM / Domestic Mail Manual applies to all government mail, so the use of a 3-line address is an indicator to government that you claim to live within a federal jurisdiction, while states in the Union are international entities separate and distinct from the United States and so should come under the IMM / International Mail Manual. 

And that'd make the addresses in the Republic have FOUR LINES like this: 
Mr. Jaro Henry Smith 
123 Main street 

And since this is an international mail, it DOES NOT include a ZIP code, since those are ONLY for DOMESTIC mail. So the 9001 number is a POSTAL CODE. Also, section 122 says that the address SHOULD be written in ALL CAPS, except that the name of the city and of the country MUST be spelled in ALL CAPS


You gotta realize that the LAST ITEM in the address, contains all the previous items WITHIN IT. So if the last item is a ZIP code, then the street address and the city are WITHIN that ZIP code. BUT if the last item is the STATE, then the street and the city are WITHIN that STATE. So what do you think, are you gonna have more rights in a state of the Union, or in a federal ZIP code region???

Here's section 122 of the USPS IMM, which defines international addressing:

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